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Porsche Walnut Creek

Precisely engineered Porsche-specification tires. That’s how we roll.

Precisely engineered Porsche-specification tires. That’s how we roll.

Not just any brake or engine component is engineered to Porsche standards. And not just any tire that is round and black meets Porsche’s exacting standards for dry traction, heat resistance, wet grip, sidewall stiffness, and a hundred other key engineering criteria.

In fact, Porsche has its own quality standard. As with the hallmark of gold jewelry, this proof of a tire's conformity to Porsche’s exacting standards is emblazoned on the tire itself. It’s called the N-Spec, and is molded into the sidewall of those select tires designed to match Porsche specifications. Without the N-Spec, your Porsche is only part Porsche.

Where do you find Porsche-approved N-Spec tires? At this dealership, where you'll also find the specialized expertise to mount those tires on Porsche large-diameter alloy wheels, balance them with the correct type and placement of balance weights, and align them to Porsche's precise alignment standards.

Tires built with Porsche precision. That's how we roll.

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Porsche Summer Wheel Tire Sets

Whether you own a Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera, new Macan or Cayenne, we recommend the use of summer wheel and tire sets from Porsche Tequipment. All the summer tires in this range have been co-developed, tested and approved by Porsche so you can rest assured that they conform to the Porsche specification, as indicated by the special Porsche designation (N0, N1, etc.) on the sidewall.

With ‘N’ specification tires, your vehicle will continue to provide the high standards of driving safety for which Porsche is renowned. The tires have been optimised to produce less noise and their low rolling resistance improves fuel economy. In short, the ‘N’ specification guarantees optimum driving pleasure.

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Wheel centres

Set of wheel centre caps with full-colour Porsche Crest. The perfect finishing touch for the wheels of your Porsche vehicle.

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